Miley Cyrus's Redemption

In her short life we have seen so much talent, potential, and witnessed a trajectory from “squeaky clean” to “cover your children’s eyes.” Miley’s quest for attention via shock value pushed her into territory that couldn’t be any farther from Montana! In her unpredictable performances, vulgarity became predictable. Her antics overshadowed her talent, and producers found her too risky… until this season of The Voice.

This week The Voice announced Miley will be one of the coaches next season and the only guest coach this week. Fans predicted the decision to be a wrecking ball for the top show. Miley has been given a prime time opportunity to reset her image, what we have come to expect from her, and perhaps a new way forward. The show is attempting to redeem Miley’s reputation by spotlighting what she should be known for: her God given talent and vast ability.

Miley Cyrus and Pharrell Williams on The Voice

Miley Cyrus and Pharrell Williams on The Voice


The coaches have been extremely supportive, always praising her advice and expressing what they admire about her. It seems Miley has risen to the challenge and has found a middle ground. Her clothes and make up wildly expressive but not offensive, her demeanor professional and her advice valued.

Isn’t what the show did for Miley what we are all called to for each other? We are not the sum of our biggest mistakes. God’s mercy is limitless. We are called to treat each other with a tone and posture that says “I see God in you.”

Know Mercy. Show Mercy.


By Mimi London

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