catching foxes: not your typical Catholic podcast

If you consume any type of Catholic media you know that it all kind of blends together after a while. It’s not that there isn’t really good stuff out there; it’s just all fits to the same mold.

The Catching Foxes podcast breaks that mold. The tagline of Catching Foxes is “discussion over instruction.” Co-hosted by Luke and Gomer, Catching Foxes boasts the only “Mature” label for a Catholic podcast on iTunes. Consumers of typical Catholic media beware. Be prepared for salty language, tangents, off-color jokes, and random cultural references.

Luke from Catching Foxes

All this sets the stage for some of the most authentic, vulnerable conversations you will hear from two Catholics on the internet. And that is refreshing. If you ever feel like a “bad Catholic” this is the show for you. Everyone is on a journey, and that journey is often a messy one. It’s good to know that we are not the only one’s tripping and stumbling on the path as we try to follow Jesus.

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Posted by Sean Ater