share a spark

There is so much negativity on social media.

It is easy to get sucked into the drama. It is also easy to only use your social media for selfish purposes. We spend way to much time thinking about how people perceive us based on what we post and how many people “like” our life.

Why not spend a little of your time on social media trying to be a spark of encouragement for others?

Share Good News

We are happy to introduce Sparks. These are inspiring and encouraging memes that are yours to share. We give you a new Spark each week to share on social media.

A spark is small. By itself, it does not accomplish much. Many times a spark will putter out and die. In the right circumstances, though, a spark can ignite a full blown blaze. Share your Spark with your friends on-line. We can’t guarantee you will change anyone’s life, but who know, one Spark might catch the right person and the right time. If that happens just one time, isn’t it worth it?!

See below for a few samples, and visit our Sparks weekly for a new message of inspiration and encouragement.

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