Join the Movement to keep a respectful dialogue after this election season.

We’ve all experienced it. A Facebook post, a family dinner, a water cooler conversation that suddenly turns political with opposing viewpoints. You might get angry. You may go silent. Civilize It is about making room in your heart and speaking peacefully with those with whom you disagree. Imagine what would happen if aggressiveness were transformed into openness and confrontations were turned into thoughtful conversations. Civilize It is a non-partisan movement and a call for all of us to help change the tone, follow our faith, and quiet the quarrels in our day-to-day lives.

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I Pledge:

1. Civility

To reflect respect, to throw no stones, and to rise above it.

2. Clarity

To align one’s political point of view with a formed conscience, which involves courageously standing up for one’s convictions while humbly remaining open to learn more.

3. Compassion

To encounter others with a tone and posture that say “I see dignity and goodness in you.”


Learn More


10 Principles for Debate from Catholic Voices

Civil Discourse: Speaking the Truth in Love by the USCCB


The Church is non-partisan, so it does not endorse political parties or candidates. However, it does appeal to our consciences by speaking very clearly on the issues. Take some time shaping your own conscience by exploring the conscience of the Church.


Put your Compassion into action. Get involved with Social Action and Respect Life.

Become a Civilize It 16 Campaign Worker

We invite individuals, groups, organizations, and churches to become Civilize It 16 Campaign workers wherever they are in the country. For a details Game Plan and Tool Kit go HERE


Read the full document:

Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship

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2 responses to “”

  1. Brent Cooey says:

    I think the idea that we need to be civil with politicians that promote things like infanticide, sodomy, and screwing the least of our countrymen through uncontrolled immigration is ridiculous. WWJD? Probably lash at them with cords like he did in the temple.

  2. Brent Cooey says:

    Proverbs 26

    4 Do not answer a fool according to his folly,
    Or you will also be like him.
    5 Answer a fool as his folly deserves,
    That he not be wise in his own eyes.

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